How does it work?


CHANG3 is a browser plug-in. When you are reading news articles, blog posts, etc., online, CHANG3 will determine if it is a relevant article. If it is, a pop-up will appear on the side of your screen, asking if you would like to help make a change. With the click of a button you will donate your pre-determined default donation amount to the charity of your choice. It will then give you the opportunity to share the article and what you have done on your linked social media accounts.


At any point in time you can check how much you have donated and receive a tax invoice that includes all donations you have made and the ABN of the charities you have donated to, which is perfect for tax time. You have the opportunity to change your donation amount at any point in time as a one-off change or as a change to your default donation. If you do this though, you will be required to enter your password. If you have made a donation in that day already, the pop-up will no longer trigger, but if you are reading an article and want to donate, you can just click the icon in the top right.


Users who ‘opt in’ can go to the website and see where they sit in terms of donations overall or for particular causes amongst their friends, their workmates, people in their city, country or the world.

My data

Once you have downloaded and installed CHANG3 it will ask you for a few details such as your name, preferred charity, etc. We will store these and any donations you have made on our cloud-based server. All other information you provide to the app, including your credit card details will be stored on your browsers key-chain. If you have ever purchased anything online, chances are your browsers key-chain already has stored this information. We will not store this ourselves and will only access this information when you make a donation. Unlike many other companies, CHANG3 will collect no other data on your browsing habits or any personal information other than what you have already provided.


Charities will often spend in excess of 50c for every $1 they raise simply trying to gain more donations. These costs can come through direct marketing costs, media, advertising and other costs. CHANG3 reduces this by taking only 5% of the donation as a transaction fee. These costs cover the costs of our online payment provider and allow us to keep servicing charities. A portion of the profits from CHANG3 will also be used to support popular causes.