To give you the power to help others, instantly.


CHANG3 is a tool that will allow you to do something about a problem as soon as you read about it. CHANG3 empowers you to donate as quickly and easily as you can “like” or “share" an article. 


CHANG3 gets its name by giving you the chance to change the world in 3 different ways. The first and most direct way is by helping those in need. Whether it is a terrible event like an earthquake or a cause close to your heart such as depression, CHANG3 will give you the chance to donate to the cause and support the work of your preferred charity for that event or cause. 

The second change you can make is to your society as a whole. By sharing on social media the article you were reading that encouraged you to make a change, and how you contributed more than just liking or sharing it, you have the chance to make your society more aware and more active in trying to help others.


The third change is the change it makes for yourself, giving you the opportunity to be active. To participate in changing the world and by giving you the chance to do something before you get distracted.

Help contribute to whatever is required

Help contribute to whatever is required